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Cave Creek Bird Control & Woodpecker or Pigeon Removal in Cave Creek,
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Cave Creek Bird Control, Woodpecker & Pigeon Removal Services in the metro area.Birds in your vents or on your roof  is a very common occurrence in Cave Creek. Arizona Wildlife Control specializes in the removal of all of these birds from vents. Common sounds associated with having a bird problem are scratching, loud thumping and/or chirping sounds. Arizona Wildlife Control can provide all types of pest services to get rid of birds and their roosts. Serving the Cave Creek, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale, Scottsdale, Phoenix and Peoria, Arizona.

Birds are one of the dirtiest animals in all of North America. Bird droppings can carry well over 60 different diseases, including the Avian Flu.  Other parasites that is possible for birds to carry are lice and mites. Birds should be removed from vents, pipes and duct work, attics, and roofs at all costs. Once the birds have been removed, the infected areas should be sprayed with a disinfectant to kill all possible health hazards and parasites before they can infect something/someone else.

Some of the most common bird problems are:

  • Birds in your Attic
  • Birds in your Vents (Dryer, Air Conditioning, etc.)
  • Birds on your roof & in your gutters.


Woodpeckers will drum, drill, live, or roost on the siding of your home or business. We have professional woodpecker/pigeon removal technicians who specialize in this type of problem. We will remove woodpeckers that roost or cause problems to man made structures. As young woodpeckers develop, they will infect attics, rooftops and walls with their woodpecker waste. Woodpeckers infect the inside of a building with waste and bird mites.

Please Note: Woodpeckers are federally protected. If you have a woodpecker problem, contact us or give us a call to hire our expert professional woodpecker/pigeon removal services.


Feral pigeons are an urban annoying bird that create messes and cause damages where they roost. Pigeons have a varied diet and feel at ease making their homes in most man-made structures. Generally blue-grey in color, pigeons often have markings in black, white or brown on the wings and neck. A short neck and small head characterize the standard pigeon; their short legs, hind toes and level front allow for both easy perching on pipes and ledges or walking on flat surfaces. Pigeons nest in small, flat areas away from the ground such as building ledges, air conditioning units or window sills.  Don’t wait to call for help because the damage & disease will continue to spread if the pigeon problem is not taken care of.