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The Removal of Snakes in Mesa and the Surrounding Area.

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Mesa Snake Control by the leading humane trappers that will remove and control the dangerous pest.  Arizona Wildlife Control. Serves the metro area.Mesa Snake Removal Experts like Arizona Wildlife Control get the point that a snake in a home is an emergency. Our Snake Removal Service is available throughout many areas of the Sun Valley including Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, and Peoria, AZ. We are the experts in snake removal and control throughout Maricopa County Arizona.

We specialize in the following Phoenix Snake Removal processes:

  • Snakes in your home (walls, attic, garage)
  • Snakes in your yard
  • Snake in your business
  • How to get rid of  snakes

We understand that a snake in your home is an emergency and cannot wait till the next day. Snake trapping is extremely dangerous and should only be performed by trained wildlife professionals like ourselves. If you run into a snake you should immediately get away from the snake.  If possible, keep an eye on the snake, and call us to remove the snake from your home or business in Mesa.

Arizona Wildlife Control provides all forms of snake removal, management and/or control in Phoenix, Arizona for commercial, state, federal and residential properties. Each situation is different, so we offer several immediate snake removal and control services.  Immediate snake capture and removal is just that. If a snake needs to be removed from a property, yard, shed, garage, walkway or living quarters, we will arrive quickly and take care of the situation.

Our methods are safe and humane, both to the snake and our clients. We do not use chemicals, poisons or any methods that will harm the snake or the surrounding environment. Snakes will be relocated away from your property and the client is given helpful tips and techniques to reduce the chance of another encounter with any more snakes in the future.

Despite what you may hear, there are not any plants that will repel snakes. There are several commercially available chemical snake repellents are on the market as well, but they have not proven to be effective, and therefore are not recommended.

Keep in mind, if left alone, a snake is likely to move on to another area.  Nevertheless, because of the danger rattlesnakes pose to people, pets, it can be necessary to exclude or remove them from around homes and gardens. If you do not want to harm the snake yet still want it removed, your best bet is to call a Mesa professional pest or wildlife control operator who specializes in snake removal; Arizona Wildlife Control is that professional in Mesa you are looking for!

The Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons are the times of year that you will most likely encounter the most snakes around your home or commercial property. The warm months in Mesa are also the time of year when the snakes come out to enjoy the weather, just like we do. As the temperature increases, the amount of altercations between people and snakes will continue to increase, and sometimes with dangerous outcomes.  Don’t make the mistake of calling a insect or rodent company for your snake problem! Please contact Arizona Wildlife Control at 602-618-0284 with any questions or concerns you may have, and we will schedule your snake removal service.

Note: A lot of people’s reaction to a snake regardless of whether it is in your home or on your property is to kill the snake whether or not it poses any risk at all.  You should never attempt to kill a snake as this could lead to you receiving a dangerous a snake bite.  Call a Mesa Snake expert like Arizona Wildlife Control instead!