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Pigeon Control and Removal in Sun City, Glendale, Scottsdale, Peoria, Tempe, and Phoenix, Arizona.  Call 602-618-0284 now!  Don't wait until it is too late, and Pigeon poop is everywhere!Pigeons are one of the dirtiest bird problems among the Sun City area residents. Pigeon poop can cause damage to homes, which increases the cost of housing. Getting rid of their food & water is the most effective way to remove pigeons in your area. Getting rid of their nest in attics, roofs, or lofts will help to remove them from your property.


  • Pigeons will multiply quickly, making the problem worse.
  • Pigeons will nest in attics, lofts, steeples, roofs and become very hard to control.
  • Pigeon feces is a significant concern as they can carry diseases.

People often compare Pigeons to flying Rats. Both of these species are quite able to survive in any environment, and will breed a lot. In Arizona and the Sun City area the buildings and structures provide excellent roosts for these birds, and of course, garbage provides plenty for them to eat.


Getting rid of these pests calls for a method called “pigeon proofing”. This act involves making changes to your property, which will deny them access to places to roost. Pigeon spikes, bird netting, bird slopes, bird wires, electrified tracks, and wiring can be effective ways to deter these birds. You may have the urge is to attempt to get rid of pigeons on your own, but you should know that this bird isn’t a typical bird or your typical pest.

Installing any of these products does require a certain degree of skill. Pigeon control requires both expertise and imagination, and that is where Arizona Wildlife Control will solve your problem. There is not any easy way to get this done. What works in one situation may simply be costly in another setting.

Most of the time, getting rid of pigeons requires and integrated approach. We have the experience, knowledge and tools to implement the “Exclusion Strategy” you require. Over time our “exclusion strategies” really work and save you time and money. Nor, will you have to clean up the corrosive feces or disinfect their loathsome, disease-ridden roosts.


There are specific health risks involved when removing pigeon feces. Droppings can carry many diseases, and should be handled with care. When cleaning up the droppings, it is possible for a person to breathe in some of the fungus, which may cause a lung infection. Symptoms will normally occur in about 10 days. Sun City Pigeon control should only be done by licensed professionals like Arizona Wildlife Control. We have the proper tools and training to handle the pigeon removal process.