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Surprise Raccoon Removal & Control in Arizona.  Serving the Valley area, 24 hours a day.Raccoon removal and control in Surprise, Arizona is one of the more popular calls that most pest, wildlife and animal control operators like us receive throughout the year in Surprise, Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Glendale, and Scottsdale, Arizona.

There are many solutions available when handling a raccoon problem in Surprise, AZ.  Any person without experience in this delicate matter should never try to trap, handle, or kill a raccoon.  Raccoons are one of the most aggressive animals that people will deal with in Surprise. Raccoons have the ability to bite, scratch, claw and do whatever is necessary to defend their home, which is usually in your attic or crawlspace.  They have adapted to living among the human population. They have learned for themselves that garbage cans and dumpsters are excellent food sources, and that your home is an excellent shelter for them and there young. A mother raccoon will often make a hole in your roof to access the attic, where they will make quite a mess and a lot of noise.  They are also very protective when defending their babies, and therefore are dangerous.

What do I do to be rid of a Raccoon? Exclusion is the essential key to eliminating the raccoon’s den sites, but remember that these wily critters are powerful animals that will become vicious when cornered. Their front paws are hand like, with toes that are long, flexible, and considerably dexterous. Stories have been told of Raccoons unhooking simple latches.  They will search long and hard for food, and are quite fond of tipping over available trash cans, raiding dumpsters, and they will steal pet food.

Then, Maybe I’ll just Frighten them away! There are plenty of materials, gadgets, and specialized devices that are designed to frighten raccoons and other wildlife . These devices include but are not limited to flashing lights, sound-producing devices, and water-squirting units, all of which can be activated by motion detectors. In addition, we have also seen  radios, scarecrows, and flags and windmills that spin or flutter in the wind have been used. Unfortunately, these devices are very ineffective and, at best, may frighten the animals for only a few days, after which the raccoons will ignore them, having learned that they present no real threat.

OK, so then I’ll use repellents: There are a very few commercial chemical repellents available to repel various forms of wildlife, but none have been very effective for repelling raccoons. Mothballs, blood meal, and a wide variety of other home remedies others have tried, but to no avail, as raccoons are quick to adapt.

Sorry to say, but that leaves you with trapping as the only option to remove raccoons: For the average homeowner, the unfamiliar process of trapping raccoons can be way too much to handle without training. At this point it is advisable to hire a professional wildlife control operator to remove the animal from your property. This is where Arizona Wildlife Control comes in. We have the proper training and equipment required to accomplish the task. We also will be able to tell if a trapped female is nursing its young. This is very important because it is inhumane to leave young behind to starve. We WILL NOT euthanize the animals; rather we work with Arizona Game and Fish Department to relocate the animals to area that is safe for them, and AWAY FROM THE AREA YOU LIVE IN.

Common problems that are associated with raccoons and the removal of raccoons:

  • Raccoons in attic
  • Raccoons digging holes in attic screens
  • Raccoons tearing up attic insulation
  • Raccoons in crawlspaces
  • Raccoons is sheds

Note: Outside of their native habitat, raccoons are frequently found living in attics, crawlspaces, sheds, and even in cars. Call Arizona Wildlife Control at (602) 618-0284 to learn about your options today!